Artificial Grass Installation

Installing artificial grass is a difficult task. It doesn’t require any tools, but a proper installation needs a guideline about installing artificial grass/lawns. Artificial grass is the alternative to the natural grass lawn. It’s becoming more popular. Usually, homeowners use it to make the home green.

Do you want to give a distinctive look to your garden using artificial grass? You can install artificial grass in your desired area. Sometimes the natural grass doesn’t grow properly in some areas, so artificial grass is the alternative to install it there, which looks more beautiful than natural grass.

Natural grass may not look great all year round, but if you install artificial grass, it will last and look the same over the years. Natural grass is a bit difficult to maintain, but artificial grass is easy to maintain with little effort.

If you are lazy and want low-maintenance grass, artificial grass is the best option. Artificial grass is a material made of man-made synthetic fiber that looks like natural grass. It’s green like the natural grass and comes in different heights so that you can purchase the one depending on your requirements.

In this article, we have mentioned the proper guide about installing artificial grass. The step-by-step procedure will guide you to install your artificial lawn with ease.

What’s Inside The Article

How To Install Artificial Grass

1. Check For Underground & Prepare The Area

Spray Area Using Weed Killer

If you have grass and weeds in the existing area where you want to install artificial grass, then killing all the vegetation in the existing area is recommended. You can spray the area with a weed killer or use any other product to remove existing weeds and grass.

Before starting the grass installation, removing the weeds and grass from the area twice a week would be better. It will ensure that all materials will be damaged from its root.

Remove The Soil From The Top Level

If you have decided to install the grass over the soil, it would be better to make room for the new base. You can break the soil and dip it up the lawn using a mini tiller. Remove all the plants and grass from the existing area. 

For losing soil, you can walk on it or use a hand tamp if you have enough budget. If you want to improve the drainage, ensure to leave a slight slope.

Drainage Planning

The draining soil may face a few problems with drainage. If you plan to install artificial grass over the hard surface, drainage soil is recommended to take the precautions below before installation.

  • If you have checked the lawn properly, but there is no drain in the lawn so it would be better to install the drainage system before proceeding further.
  • Does the area experiences light rainfall? It’s enough if you leave small drainage gaps of 6 inches around the perimeter.

Install Waterproof Border

Does the area already have a border? Skip this step; otherwise, install a waterproof border along the perimeter if the border is not present. It would be better to keep the lawn over time. You can install the plastic bender board, it’s an optional point, but you can install it for security purposes.

It’s an excellent concrete forming board and ideal for turf installation. The bender boards give a polished and clean look.

Add Weed Barrier

Does your artificial grass doesn’t grow properly? It’s optional to lay out a geotextile barrier at the bottom of the area. You need to check for a few points before adding weed barriers at the bottom.

  • Ensure that you have installed the geotextile barrier tightly.
  • You can install the base materials as well.
  • If you want to remove the rodents, we recommend calling a professional for them.

How To Install The Base Materials

Add Base Materials

To add the base materials, first, you need to purchase the gravel and crushed rock particles under 10mm. If you want to improve drainage and prevent slumping, fill the artificial grass area about 7-10 mm from the purchased materials.

Do you want to install 100 square feet or more lawns in the selected area? You need one cubic yard of materials for every 100 square feet of lawn. 

If you want to install the lawn in concrete and other harder surface, then a self-levelling compound will work great. Does the concrete have a good slope for drainage? You can skip this step.

The shock pad is the better choice for safety purposes. If you have kids in your family, who want to play on artificial grass, then a shock pad will give good safety.

Smooth Out The Base Materials

You can use the landscaping rake to smooth out the base materials making it strong and secure. It would be better to moisten and compact the artificial grass base. You can sprinkle sand or gravel with a garden hose.

We recommend using a hand tamp if you want to compact the materials into a sturdy base. It reduces 90% of its original base. If you want the best compaction result, go in several overlapping directions.

The hand tamp the best choice to purchase that help installing artificial grass.

Roll The Lawn

First of all, you need to check out the base. If it’s dry, then roll out the lawn on one side. Besides rolling, it’s recommended to unroll the artificial turf and keep it on the side. When you roll the arms, it may take a few hours to recover to its original position.

Ensure that the base is firm and smooth before installing the grass. Does the base of your artificial grass not smooth? So it may needs more compactions.

How To Install Artificial Grass/Lawn

Measure The Area

First, you need to measure the area where you want to lay out the artificial grass/lawn. While measuring the lawn area, ensure the length and width of the turf strips. It would be better to take the help of someone to stretch out the turf and lay down the artificial grass over the prepared base.

Don’t try to drag the grass over the base. During installation, ensure that all the turf doesn’t bend in one direction. Ensure that the installed artificial grass looks like natural grass. This is how you lay artificial grass.

Cut Necessary Turf

It’s recommended to cut the necessary turf. The recommended tool for the turf cutting is carpet cutter or any other cutter you have in the home. During cutting, ensure to cut the underside of the turf. There are two types of cuts, long and short cuts.

If you want a long cut, then compare the edges of the turf so that there is no gap between them. Do you have less experience in cutting? It will help you to draw the line on the back of the marker.

Use Carpet Stretcher

Do you want the best result while installing artificial grass? It’s recommended to use a carpet stretcher for stretching turf strips. The carpet stretcher is also called a carpet kicker.

  • Kick the end of the pad with your knee.
  • Press the stretcher flat against the turf.
  • If you want to eliminate wrinkles, we recommend stretching the turf.

Join Strips Together

Now you need to join the turf together, don’t be confused. There are many ways for turf to join together. Here are a few tips that will help you a lot. 

  • You need to line up the two strips together. Before laying the artificial grass, fold its edges on the backside. Cover the materials seaming using any adhesive product you have in your home. 
  • In the end, fasten it together using stakes. 

Fasten Turf

You can fasten the turf perimeter using galvanized stakes, most people use a hammer, but it would be better to avoid hammering because it may cause dips in the garden lawn.

Do you want maximum strength? We recommend offsetting the stakes on opposite sides instead of using two lines of stacks on opposite sides.

Add Particles For Keeping Bristles Standing

It would be better if you add ballast or infill appropriate to your product because many artificial types of grass require adding particles to keep bristles standing, for weight grass down, and will provide comfortable cushioning for different activities in the artificial grass/lawn.

Ensure that the artificial grass is completely dry. Then you need to apply a thin layer of materials using a drop spreader or by hand according to your needs. Here are some options recommended for the best result.

  • If the turf requires infill, only sand may not be enough. Therefore, the already washed sand is used as a ballast to weigh the turf down.
  • Do you need more comfortable cushioning? It would be better to go for a black crumb providing excellent support for the grass blades and cushioning. So if the pets use the grass as a toilet, it’s not a big issue.
  • If you feel any smell from the artificial grass, we recommend using a copper slag that absorbs the odor.
  • Some of the artificial grass doesn’t require infill. It depends. The professional recommends infill for strength purposes.

Brush Between Turf

Once infill all the materials, brush the turf in between using a power broom or any other brushing tools you have in your home. If your power broom is unavailable in your home, then you can use a carpet rake instead. 

Sprinkle Water on Artificial Grass

After installation, the final step will be to sprinkle some water and give it a brush stroke to make the artificial grass hold up straight. During transport and being rolled up the green straight grasses become flat, so the bush strokes will give it a good nice natural look.

Do you feel warm while touching the grass? You can sprinkle enough amount of water to keep it cool in such situation other than that they don’t require any maintenance. Its good to use a good base before laying out the grass. Do not spread the grass on any organic material like real soil or grass.

How Much Artificial Grass Cost

There are different prices for artificial grass installations, but the average cost is 12$ per square foot. If you are a homeowner and want to install artificial grass in your home to make it more beautiful, you can install the grass in the range of 5-20$. At this price, you can give money to the labour, and it also includes the materials.

We don’t know how many square feet you want to install the artificial grass, but you can calculate it from the above price.

Besides this, the cost depends on the grass brands, size of the grass and materials. If you are looking for artificial grass at a low price, the materials may not be suitable if we compare it to expensive high-quality grass.

Do you have synthetic turf? It may require low maintenance, which saves your money.

Can You Put Artificial Grass Around Pool

Yes, you can put artificial grass around a pool. It’s an excellent choice to look at the pool area. The artificial grass will provide a perfect ground cover for a lawn around your pool.

Do you want to provide a slip-free surface for swimmers? So artificial grass is the best option, which is easy to maintain. The pool water does not damage the artificial grass. It will look green when the water from the pool drop over the grass.

Artificial grass is excellent and comfortable around a pool if you can’t make a tiled surface near the pool. When you walk on the grass so your feet will not burn. If you walk in the tiled area near the pool, the feeling may burn, and you can’t walk on it perfectly due to its warmness.

Do you love to go swimming in hot weather? The artificial grass is a great surface material to walk on after enjoying swimming in the pool. The grass is comfortable to walk on it in the hot wheater.

Some people think artificial grass is slightly slippery when wet, but if you have purchased high-quality artificial grass, such as fading, or rippling, it’s not slippery.

How Long Artificial Grass Last

The artificial grass can last up to 15-20 years, but you must ensure proper maintenance. Most of the artificial grass stays green all year. I recommend purchasing high-quality artificial grass that lasts long and retains its shape for years. There are different factors which reduce the life span of artificial grass.

  • All artificial grass is different. If we compare most grass products, many different options use other materials according to their brand. All these affect quality, which determines part of the lifespan.
  • You need to check out the quality of the grass. Two things allow you to determine the quality of the grass: back and blade materials.
  • Blades of grass are exposed to anything from the outside world. Their materials significantly impact how they handle the weather and what materials they are made.
  • UV light is one of the main causes of artificial turf degradation. Most high-quality artificial turf has built-in UV inhibitors that protect against sunlight for many years.
  • Artificial grass is usually made from polyethene, polypropylene, and nylon.
  • Inexpensive artificial grass has poor single-layer support, which means that it loosens over time, and the grass loses its lush density.
  • The high-quality artificial grass has a double layer in the back that lasts longer.

Artificial Grass And Paving Ideas

If you want to improve the existing garden or make a new one on the patio, artificial grass is the best choice. Artificial turf is becoming more popular nowadays, and it has countless uses because it looks like real grass.

It’s a bit tough to decide how I use the artificial grass in the front of your decor. Fortunately, we’re here to help you to decide where to implement the lawn grass.

Water Features

Do you want a more attractive look, then the water feature near the artificial grass will give an outstanding look in the front of your garden. Nowadays, it’s a trend to combine the water feature with your artificial grass giving a good view.

A water feature is the best option if you want to create an engaging environment for your family. The water feature is very interesting, so when guests visit your home, they will love it.

Embedded Pathways

It would be better if you created an attractive path in your Garden. Creating a distinctive path in the front door is a bit challenging and tough. It will look very good and will help your guest not go wrong. If you have an opening door so you can put the Garden in the front door for strangers/guest attractions.

Artificial Grass Staircase

Do you have steps that lead up to the front of your house? Covering the area an artificial grass will give an attractive and eye catchy look. The artificial grass can easily be laid down like a carpet, making the installation easy.

Most of the gardens have clean-cut steps, which are manufactured features. Do you want to give a natural look to artificial grass? The flowers near the synthetic grass will look more beautiful.

Do you have steps in the front of your garden? You can experiment with the different ways to make the garden beautiful.

Texture Shifts

This is another most exciting idea to give a distinctive look to your garden. You can add different textures to the front of your garden, giving it a more natural look. You can try lining the edges of your grass using gravel or implementing a paved path.

When you combine the different looks and ideas with the artificial grass, you and your guest will feel pleasure walking in your garden. It makes your walking more enjoyable through the door. If you want that your garden looks green for the year, so it needs maintenance over time.

Discreet And Sleek

Adding full-colour flowers to your garden will give it a more enjoyable look. If you are looking for an outdoor space that combines artificial grass and flowers, then you can add the flowers in different ways. Here are a few recommended ways you can add flowers to your garden.

  • If you want to add flowers to your garden so you can put them in containers and plant plots, it’s more beneficial because you put them directly on the lawn near the artificial grass.
  • You can use a hanging plant basket so that hanging the flower around the artificial grass will give a beautiful look. You can use the different materials in the wire basket. Hang the basket in such a creative way that looks eye catchy.

Types Of Artificial Grass

There are different types of artificial grass available in the market. If you want to make a better home environment with greenery, then the fake grass will long and retain its shape forever with proper maintenance. If you don’t have natural grass in your garden area, installing artificial grass is the best option to make your home clean and green.

Most artificial grass looks like natural grass, so a stranger may not recognise it as real or fake. Compared to natural grass, artificial grass requires low maintenance.

Artificial grass has different advantages: pet friendly, long last, low maintenance, outstanding design options and much more, which gives a green look so you can enjoy it all the year.

1. Nylon

It’s the best, strongest type of artificial grass available worldwide. The artificial grass has Nylon materials that can withstand high temperatures and retain its original shape for years. If the sun is very hot, the Nylon materials will give an excellent appearance to the grass in the summer seasons.

It did an excellent job if you want to add greenery to your backyard and home. The Nylon materials improve the stability of the artificial grass. Polypropylene and polyethylene give good strength and structure to artificial grass.

Most artificial grass is mixed from different materials, resulting in a strong, green looking after creating a final product. The pile is stiff and not natural, but it seems excellent and outstanding.

If we talk about its price, it’s a bit expensive, but it lasts longer and retains its original shape for the years.

2. Polypropylene

The durable artificial grass is an excellent deal for a homeowner. If you want to walk on the grass or play with your kids or the dog, it might not be comfortable, but you can do the activities on it. It does not stand in high temperatures like Nylon.

Do you want to install artificial grass in the hot area? So if you purchased the grass with Polypropylene materials, it may doesn’t retain its shape for longer in the hot weather. Heat exposure can damage grass, and your artificial lawn may look unnatural.

Do you want artificial grass in the indoor area? Then Polypropylene is the best option for providing good decoration to the indoor area. If you keep it inside, it will be protected from sun exposure.

3. Polyethylene

Do you want to install artificial grass at your home? So most of them are polyethylene artificial grass. It looks attractive and has a green color that gives a good feeling, like natural grass. This grass can be used for athletic activities such as football, baseball, etc.

This type of grass is non-porous and retains its shape for longer. Polyethylene grass does not retain its odor like other artificial grass products. If you want to play with your pets on this type of artificial grass so you will not feel any smell issues.

You can easily maintain this type of artificial grass. You can easily brush it over time so that the blades are perked up and look best. It comes in a solid pellet form, is heated with many colors, and has UV protection.

Artificial Grass Vs Turf

Most people think that artificial grass and artificial turf are the same, but both refer to several types of synthetic grass, making the home attractive and eye cache. There is a lot of different between the two. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is the best grass in the market that looks like natural grass. Do you watch cricket or football in the stadium on TV? You may have watched one time the artificial grass usually installed in big stadiums.

When you see artificial grass from a distance, it will look like natural grass, but in reality, it’s not natural grass. The surface of the AG is better than the natural grass. The hair of the grass is slightly longer, which gives a good level of deepness to the surface.

Before installing artificial grass in the football stadium, it usually goes through the Fifa requirements. It would be better for a football stadium that the grass had a certain amount of rubber, sand, and other materials, which gives a feeling like natural grass.

Artificial Turf

The artificial turf is also called first generations artificial grass. You can see this type of grass very less in your daily life. It also looks like natural grass, but you may not feel better while playing games on this type of grass because you may hate playing on its surface.

The artificial turf may look like a shallow carpet when you install it. The hair of the artificial turf is shorter than the artificial grass. Some people don’t love long hair, so that you can go for artificial turf.

If the surface is shallow, there will be a little cushioning, so it’s not a comfortable choice for game activities. Have you evered seen tapping ground in a cricket match? When you try tapping with the palm using your hand, the sound of its hardness may be heard by you.

You can play the soccer game on this ground but ensure you wear the best shoes so you can easily walk on the hard surface. As I told you, there is little cushioning on the turf, so, unfortunately, if you fall, you may hurt more.

Frequently Ask Questions

How do I prepare the ground for artificial grass?

There are a few tips you need to follow for ground preparation before installing the turf.

  • First, you need to remove the existing grass from the area. Do you need a fast result? It’s recommended to use a weed killer.
  • It would be better to give a stable base for installing the synthetic turf. 
  • Check out the ground properly, and ensure it’s levelled. Cut off the roots and remove debris.
  • If you think it’s a bit difficult to work in the soil, you can use a mixture of stone and sand.
  • Compact the soil using any roller you have in your home.

Do you need drainage under artificial grass?

If you want to install artificial grass, drainage under AG is the most important step you must follow. The drain rocks will allow the water to pass it easily. If you want to lay the artificial grass in the existing hard base perfectly, installing a layer of lazy foam underlay would be better.

What happens when it rains on artificial grass?

Unfortunately, the material from which artificial turf is made is porous enough to let in rainwater and trap bacteria. This is especially a problem for artificial turf used on sports fields and is exacerbated by the fact that artificial turf is hotter than natural grass.

Does water damage fake grass?

The artificial turf and grass are made of such materials which are water resistant. It doesn’t matter if the grass is exposed to small or large amounts of water. It will not be damaged in the rain, even though some artificial grass looks more green and attractive after heavy rain.

How do I stop my artificial grass smelling?

If you have purchased low-quality artificial grass, it may smell after a few years of use. Do you want to get rid of the smell quickly? You can use vinegar, water, and baking soda to eliminate the smell forever.

Final Thoughts

That was all about artificial grass installations, their types, cost, and life span, and I hope it’s now clear to you how you can easily install the artificial lawn/grass in your home.

Can you pressure wash artificial grass? Power washing the artificial grass will clean it quickly. Do you have any queries regarding artificial grass? Ask in the comments section. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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