Best Heat Gun For Epoxy Resin

Best Heat Gun For Epoxy Resin

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ImageNameBrandWeight Price
SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800WSEEKONE 1.98 poundsCheck Price On Amazon

Maybe you loved to make crafts, jewellery with resin, and all the things needed to make resin jewelry, but most people face issues of bubbles in epoxy resin.

Do you want to get rid of the bubbles in epoxy resin? It’s not possible without the best heat gun for epoxy resin, but it’s a bit confusing for you to choose the best heat guns for resin.


You don’t need to worry about the best heat guns for epoxy because we have reviewed a list of top heat guns with good features and ratings.

This will help you to get rid of your biggest enemy(bubbles). You may be left with tons of micro-sized cloudy bubbles.

To create beautiful epoxy resin without bubbles, we recommend shopping any heat gun on our list or if you don’t have the budget, then read our recommended ways at the end of the article to get rid of the bubbles.

Quick Look Of The Best Heat Gun For Epoxy Resin

ImageNameBrandWeight Price
SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800WSEEKONE 1.98 poundsCheck Price On Amazon
Wagner HT1000 Heat GunWagner 1.58 poundsCheck Price On Amazon
Mlife Mini Heat GunMlife10.8 ouncesCheck Price On Amazon
Bubble Buster ToolBubble Buster11.2 ouncesCheck Price On Amazon
Mofa Embossing Mini Heat GunMofa7.2 ouncesCheck Price On Amazon
Heat Gun ChandlerChandler 12.8 ouncesCheck Price On Amazon
Black+Decker Heat Gun
DECKER1.63 poundsCheck Price On Amazon

Top 7 Best Heat Gun For Epoxy Resin

1. SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W


  • Color: Yellow
  • Strong power: 1800W
  • Input: 110V, 50Hz

SEEKONE heat gun has strong power with two modes. Due to it’s 1800W, it provides extreme power and heat-up quickly within seconds. It also provides variable temperature control, which automatically controls the temperature by adjusting the speed of variables.

The black dial in the heat gun provides rheostat-type heating, the low and high on switch provides airflow control. The temperature range of this heat gun is 120℉ to 1200℉.

Due to the overloaded protector, this heat gun will protect the circuit and heat gun from damaging. The design of this heat gun is an Ergonomic design which increases the work quality.

It has four nozzles accessories. The reflector nozzles disperse the heat flux evenly on the working surface. The deflector nozzle guides a long, narrow thermal pattern to the work surface.

This heat gun is more ideal for decorating, paint removable, home improvements and much more. You can use it for long periods. You will not feel any fatigue. The overheating protection design in this heat gun will give you more safety and reliability.

Key Features:
  • Variable temperature control temperature automatically.
  • It provides fast heating.
  • It has overload protection and two flow modes.
  • Strong power (1800W).
  • Removing rusted bolts & shrinking PVC.
  • Economy heat
  • Lightweight
  • Get super hot quickly
  • Powerful and configurable heat gun
  • Get UL approval
  • The body plastic may melt away easily
  • Temperature knob seems backward

2. Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun


  • Color: Yellow
  • Strong power: 1200W
  • Power Source: AC

Wagner heat gun has a dual temperature function, and it offers a 750ᵒF and 1000ᵒF temperature setting, which can easily help complete home improvements and other tasks. You can use this heat gun in household projects such as caulking, soften paints, bending plastic pipes, shrink wrap, etc.

The heat gun is a completely adjustable setting so that you can set it according to project requirements. Due to the two fan speeds, the Wagner heat gun provides additional control to customize your project according to your needs.

While using the Wagner heat gun, there will be a hands-free operation. The integrated stands for safe hand-free and will prevent the hot nozzles from touching the work surface. It is very durable and has a hanging hook that will help you store it easily on a workbench.

The low noise design with two fan speeds reduces the noise, and others will not disturb while using the Wagner heat gun. If you want to thaw frozen pipes, you can thaw them easily without any hassle.

You can use it in significant projects because the corrosion-resistant nozzle and rugged and other features are very durable that provide good power and can easily complete your big project.

Key Features:
  • Corrosion-resistant nozzle & integrated stands for the cool down and hands-free use.
  • Dual temperature so you can keep it on high and low temperature according to your own choice.
  • Durable frame and high impact plastic body.
  • Hanging hook & two fan speed for controlling heat.
  • Hands free operation design
  • Use it for many household big projects
  • Hot air
  • Lightweight easy to use
  • Ajustable setting
  • Hots quickly
  • Slightly durable

3. Mlife Mini Heat Gun


  • Color: Purple
  • Rated power: 300W
  • Rated voltage:  100V

If you are looking for the best mini heat gun, then Mlife is the best choice for you. It has a strong power of 300W, but if we compare its price with other products on our list, the Mlife heat gun is very cheap. It has a dual temperature heat (200℃/300℃) tool with a 6.5 FT power cord for shrink wrapping and a paint drying craft.

For small projects, we recommend using it on a low heat setting and for big projects, use it on a high heat setting. You can use a Mlife heat gun in heating shrinkable film, embossing, and other different projects from epoxy resin.

The weight of this heat gun is very light and has a pencil-like design. For hands-free operation, it has a retractable bracket. It is built with a heat sink, and you can stabilize the internal temperature.

Most people loved its over heat protection. When the heat gun overheats too much, it stops automatically. The Mlife epoxy cup hot air gun has two temperature settings to maximize versatility.

It heats things without blowing them, and If you are using a lower or high setting, it will get hot but not blowing things. This is a very versatile product because it helps to speed up the drying speed and expel resin bubbles to burst them.

Key Features:
  • Due to overheating protection, this heat gun stops automatically when it gets hot too much.
  • Stabilize the internal temperature of the heat gun.
  • It is built with a heat sink.
  • Heat setting two options (200℃/300℃).
  • Pencil-like design.
  • Make your any job easier
  • Great for resin and other projects
  • Dual setting heat gun
  • Heat things up without blowing
  • Long power cord (6.5ft)
  • Not recommended for acrylic pouring
  • May not work on 220V

4. Bubble Buster Tool


  • Color: Blue
  • Dimension: 10 x 3.3 x 2 inches
  • Model number:  HL18045

It is considered the best mini heat gun for DIY Epoxy Tumblers, which remove bubbles very quickly. Its design is compact and pencil-like and works excellent on different delicate projects. This heat gun for epoxy resin will help you eliminate the bubbles and make the cup craft look more beautiful and smooth.

It has a retractable stand for free hands operation and is safe, durable for every kind of project but ensures you know how to use it. This heat gun gets heat up fast.

Due to its strong heat, it gets pretty hot and pops up all bubbles easily. It has one button switch for easy on/off. The strong power 300W helps you eliminate the bubbles, and while holding this, you will love its comfortability.

The handling part is made of stainless steel, and if you want to remove air bubbles out of resin, this machine will work great. This will work on acrylic painting, and it will also work on making tumblers.

For popping up the bubbles, this machine will work fantastic, and you will not regret it. It is easy to use and great for beginner crafters.

Key Features:
  • Clear air bubbles quickly.
  • Compact and pencil-like the design.
  • Fit’s comfortable in the user’s hand.
  • Retractable stand for hands-free operation
  • One button switch & 300W power.
  • 1 x Bubble buster machine
  • Useful with epoxy
  • Easily remove bubbles out of resin
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Short cord length
  • Less durable

5. Mofa Embossing Mini Heat Gun


  • Color: Purple
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Wattage:  130 Volts

This is a mini heat gun and a temperature control setting that will automatically cut the power when the heat gun gets too hot. You might be confused when it automatically stops. It may not appropriately work, but you don’t need to worry about it because as long as the temperature drops, you can continue to use the heat gun.

If you want to use it on safe clay, this heating tool can be used there. For self-support, it has a built-in stand. Besides this, It has a heat pen for the smaller craft in size but will work great, and there will be no issue of size.

To reduce the heat pen’s internal temperature in the tail of the heat pen, the heat vents are designed on both sides. You can use this mini heat gun for embossing, paint, ink, glue, and fabrics. Besides this, you can use it on many household small and big projects.

If you want to work in the craft, then this is a good product for you. It heats quickly and fits in your hand correctly. Sometimes it may not get hot properly, but after continuous usage, it will get hot to complete your project quickly.

It’s comfortable, light in weight, and will perfectly fit on your hand.

Key Features:
  • Temperature control setting.
  • Designed for general purposes.
  • Vents at the tail on both sides for reducing internal temperature.
  • Nozzles come in different colors.
  • Smaller heat pen size.
  • Durable
  • Automatic power on/off control
  • Easy to use
  • Fits perfectly on hand
  • Heats quick and easy
  • Small size
  • May stop working after few years

6. Heat Gun Chandler


  • Color: Pink
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Material: Plastic

Even if you are doing or heavy-duty or high volume work, you can keep the heat setting low and high according to your own choice. It is versatile and is perfect for automotive, craft, electronics, epoxy resin, jewelry making, and many other projects.

It is easy to hold and will get too hot quickly. However, you want to handle it for an extended period. Your hand will not fatigue. The noise of this machine is low. If you are working on the longest job, you will not feel any noise.

This heat gun is UL certified and doesn’t have any fire hazards and an electric shock-like poor-quality heat gun. It is made from high-quality impact-resistant plastic and metal precision heating elements. The dual heating setting will allow you to keep your heating setting at 200C-300C. We recommend a low heat setting for detail work and high heat setting for big projects.

The Chandler heat guns are safe and secure because most of the Chandler tool products are UL certified. We recommend you don’t leave the plastic cap protector because it may melt, so you may think that this heat gun is cheap, but it’s just your thinking before using Chandler heat gun to make sure you know the using instructions.

It will melt the powder fairly quickly and will not burn your fingers. This heat gun is durable and is made of high-quality materials, which make it long-lasting.

Key Features:
  • Insulated Body.
  • Included stand.
  • Extra-long 6-foot cord.
  • Nozzle safety shield.
  • Two heat settings.
  • Easy to carry
  • Dual heat setting
  • Heavy duty heat gun
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Great embossing heat tool
  • Slightly difficult instructions
  • Plastic cap protector may melt

7. Black+Decker Heat Gun


  • Color: Black/Orange
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Power source:  Corded-electric

Black+Dicker has two temperature settings, 750-1000 Degrees. We recommend using low heat for small projects, and for big projects, we recommend using high heat settings. It has a built-in stand for easy cooldown. The design of this heat gun is compact which is easy to handle and carry.

It is ideal for loosening the rusted bolt and many other applications. It will work well with heat shrinks after a soldering job. Even if you are using it daily, you will not feel any fault is a Black+Dicker heat gun. It is very soft and pliable, and while turning it on, it requires a child’s finger strength, sometimes less than it.

There is a stand, so you need to rotate the wire holder on the handle 90 degrees and then rotate the spray gun backward. The spray gun is raised naturally, pointing the heating element upward and avoiding contact.

While using it at the start and first on, you may feel some smell some initial burn-off. We recommend plugin in power on high, but after sometimes down it to low. Also, don’t use the heat gun near any flammable things.

With this gun, you can avoid using toxic chemicals to remove paint from furniture and wood. If you don’t know how to do it, you can check the video on youtube.

Key Features:
  • Ideal for thawing pipes and stripping paint.
  • Built-in stand for easy cooldown.
  • Two heat settings, one with the low and the second one is the high heat setting.
  • Lightweight, compact, and easy to carry.
  • It provides self support
  • Compact design
  • Built in stand
  • User every day with and get zero fault
  • Easy to operate
  • Slightly expensive
  • Plastic guard over switch

Things To Considered Before Buying Heat Gun For Expoxy Resin

You already know that there are several best heat guns, but you don’t know which one is best for epoxy resin. We have mentioned the top-rated one in our list, but everyone needs heat guns for different projects, so here is the buying guide to help you buy the perfect tool according to your needs.

We recommend considering these factors before buying the expoxy resin heat gun.

1. Safety

When it comes to heat guns, it’s essential to look for safety. We recommend looking for a heat gun machine with an anti-overheating feature, and it would be better if you also look for insulated components.

Some heat guns start overheating during use which is not a good thing, and any accidental damage can occur. Look for a heat gun that automatically shuts off when it starts overheating. Besides this, some heat guns come with dissipation properties that cool down the high temperature.

2. Temperature

Do you want to complete resin crafting or any other project? It’s important to have a good temperature technology in the heat gun that pops resin bubbles perfectly. Ensure to check out the heat range. If it’s between 300 to 500°C, you should go for it. It’s generating enough heat for your project.

We recommend going for a high-temperature heat gun with a manual and auto-temperature control setting for those who want to work on a large project.

3. Speed Of Airflow

Another factor to consider is the rate at which the heated air leaves the equipment. The unit of airflow is expressed in CFM (cubic feet per minute). Some devices have a 2/3 setting, allowing users to adjust the airflow speed. That is a good thing to use airflow speed according to your needs.

This factor also depends on the project you are performing. We recommend adjusting it according to your project. This is because different projects require different airflow speeds. For example, the heat necessary to remove air bubbles from the resin is minimal. For a big project, you may need high heat.

Final Thoughts

That was all about the best heat gun for epoxy resin, and I hope it’s now clear to you which one is the best heat gun for epoxy resin and your other projects.

This is the best solution to eliminate the bubbles in every project. And You may have faced the bubbles problem in your project, but after using these heat guns, they will help you eliminate the bubbles’ problems.

We recommend these tools because they are specially built for epoxy resin, and most people love them after using them.

However, you are a beginner or professional, and you will see no bubbles because all the machines that we have reviewed worked great, and there is no complaint on anyone.

For which applications have you used the heat gun, and how was your experience with it? Let us know in the comments section below. It will help our readers!

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