Best Snowboard Wrist Guards

wrist guards for snowboarding

If you are a buttering lover, other jumpy tricks while snowboarding festival, make sure you have the right snowboard for buttering.

While snowboarding, it is essential to take care of every part of your body, head, hand, and legs. You need to keep your whole body parts warm and dry using snowboard protection accessories.

Sometimes, you may fall while riding on the snowboard, so your physical reflex stretches the hand in the front, which may get injured without snowboarding wrist protectors.

If you wear the best snowboard wrist guards while riding on the snowboard so you may feel a lot of confidence because you are sure that your wrist and arm are safe while falling.

These snowboarding wrist guards would prevent your wrist and arm injury if you failed during snowboarding’s tricky movements. 

If snowflakes fall on your wrist, it may make your hand and damp cold, but you don’t need to worry about it if you have worn wrist guards.

Quick Look Of Snowboarding Wrist Guards

ImageNameBrandWeight Price
Flexmeter Wrist Guard Single Sided

Flexmeter 3.52 OuncesCheck Prize On Amazon
187 Killer Pads Wrist Guard
187 Killer Pads9.17 OuncesCheck Prize On Amazon
Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist GuardsTriple Eight N/ACheck Prize On Amazon
Burton Kids Protective Wrist GuardsBurton5.61 OuncesCheck Prize On Amazon
CTHOPER Impact Wrist GuardCTHOPER 4.06 OuncesCheck Prize On Amazon
Soared Skating Impact Wrist GuardsSoared 5.4 OuncesCheck Prize On Amazon
Level Women’s Butterfly Glove

Level 11.82 OuncesCheck Prize On Amazon

Top 7 Best Snowboard Wrist Guards

1. Flexmeter Wrist Guard Single Sided


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Flexmeter 
  • Packge Dimensions: 10.9 x 5.2 x 1.4 inches

This is the first recommended best wrist guards for snowboarding on our list, and it will easily fit under gloves. With snowboarding, you can use this wrist guard for the inline skate.

The online skate is specially used for inline skating, which has two fronts and two back wheels. Usually, 2-5 wheels are arranged in a single line on inline skates.

It is also ideal for roller derby, which is roller-skating and played by two teams. Flexmeter wrist guard single-sided is laboratory tested and have proven protection.

If you buy the black color one, maybe it gets more dust in a short duration, but you can wash it on the machine using cold or hot water. It comes with both wrist guards. They are very thick and will protect your wrists.

It’s recommended to wear gloves if you want to play risky tricks on the snowboard. They are very comfortable and will fit like a sleeve. As a beginner, if you face multiple falls, you will not notice any injury affect due to wrist guards, and it will give you good support.

If you want to reduce the risk of injury, it’s the best choice for you, according to quality and easy to wear.

Key Features:

  • Easily fits the top and under gloves.
  • It is ideal for snowboarding and inline skate.
  • Easy to wear.
  • You can wear them without gloves.
  • Fabric.
  • Best for snowboardingnVery solidnGood protectionnComfortable and work wellnPatented wrist protective technology
  • Does not have any support underneathnSlightly expensive

2. 187 Killer Pads Wrist Guard


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: 187 Killer Pads 
  • Product Dimensions: 3.94 x 3.94 x 6.3 inches

Killer pads wrist guard have angled design and will fit your hand properly without gloves and with gloves. They have a reinforced thumb hole, which helps you insert the thumb easily and provide a grip.

Its shelf life is very long if you are taking proper care of it, so you may use it for many years without losing its quality. It’s made from ballistic nylon, specific nylon fabric, and specially designed for maximum durability.

Due to industrial-weight stitching, it is very durable and effective. The interior part of this wrist guard is padded for protection and a good comfort level. The padded interior increase comfortability.

They have an extra splint, which protects the injured part and supports healing, and prevents the healing and other parts from further damage.

You will feel good confidence while snowboarding after wearing this wrist guard, but for beginners, maybe you fall apart again and again, but this guard will keep your wrist safe instead of going to the hospital.

The metal wrist protector inserted in the sleeve looks extremely durable and fits well on the sleeve. They will fit tightly on you if you order the correct size. If you don’t know your hand size, you can take the idea to wear any surgical gloves.

Key Features:

  • It will fit perfectly on your hand.
  • Reinforced thumb hole feature.
  • Industrial-weight stitching.
  • The interior is padded to increase comfort.
  • Extra thick splint to protect injured part.
  • Provides great protectionnBreathable wrist guardsnSturdynBest for older adults bone protectionnBest for roller derby
  • Size problemnMaybe broken after few years if you didn’t take care

3. Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Triple Eight
  • Sizes: Available in four size

Triple eight wrist saver wrist guards have front and back splints for protection of upper and downside. The shock-absorbing EVA foam is secured between the splints, which have very lightweight and doesn’t hold any odor.

They have 4-way stretch nylon mesh, which provides a snug and comfortable fit while snowboarding. Unfortunately, if you fall while doing the trick on snowboarding, this wrist will be comfortable and keep your wrist protected.

This wrist guard’s design is a butterfly strap design and has 3 loops and a hook strip for a custom fit. The hook and loop strips are the best features for both who love to wear wrist guards tight and loose.

It is suitable for skating and skateboarding, and they also offer plenty of room for fingers at the top and bottom of the splint. You can wear them with gloves, and without gloves, the choice is yours, but we will recommend you to wear them with gloves for better protection.

It comes in different sizes. If you want to determine your hand proper size, then measure hand circumference at the knuckles. They are excellent wrist guards that will reduce the risk of injury.

It is easy to on and off. If you want to love a tight wrist guard, loosen the straps completely and then tighten it again. Triple eight wrist saver wrist guards are made of thin synthetic materials.

Key Features:

  • Strap closure.
  • Slide on the sleeve.
  • Shock-absorbing EVA foam.
  • 4-way stretch nylon mesh, which provides a good snug.
  • Butterfly strap design.
  • Properly fit over glovesn3 hook and loop for a custom fitnSuitable for skateboardingnHigh-densitynImpact-resistant molded ABS splints
  • Mesh is slightly thinnFour sizes

4. Burton Kids Protective Wrist Guards – Best Wrist Guards For Kids


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Burton 
  • Packge Dimensions: 8 x 9 x 3 inches

Burton kid’s protective wrist guards are flexible hoop and loop for the adjustment, made of plastic or rubber materials. This wrist guard can easily bend or flexed without breaking. You can turn or twisted it, and it will not break.y

The top splints are very strong, which will give you good protection during falling from the snowboard. Its design is low profile, which means that it is small in height and width.

Its palm pad is very soft and has a soft padding for comfort. They will fit on your hand, not too tight, and will not hurt your hand. You can get it under gloves and mittens.

The quality and construction of these snowboarding wrist guards are excellent. Once you do snowboarding tricks with this wrist guard, it may become your new wrist guard in current situations and the future.

It is specially made for kids, so you can purchase it for your son if they felt while snowboarding, it will reduce the risk of injury. It would be better for kids as a beginner that you don’t let them go out for skateboarding without wrist guards.

They last long, but if you feel that it will tear up, you can repair them by sewing. It is easy to wear due to its hook and loop feature.

Key Features:

  • 100% Other Fibers.
  • Adjustable closure.
  • Sturdy, tapered top splints.
  • Machine Wash.
  • Soft Palm Pad.
  • Low-profile designnFlexible Velcro AdjustmentnSoft padding nEasily fits under snowboard glovesnMade of good materials
  • Size problemnToo bulky

5. CTHOPER Impact Wrist Guard


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: CTHOPER 
  • Packge Dimensions:  6.65 x 4.29 x 1.93 inches;

It is considered the best wrist guards for snowboarding, Motorcross, skating, street racing, and mountain biking. This wrist guard is made of tough protection pads, which gives good protection for your wrist and hands.

Suppose you have injured your hand, wrist while snowboarding. This wrist guard will give you good relief from pain. The straps are adjustable, and you can fit it custom. Provides optimal support for the wrist while maintaining all-around movement of the thumb and fingers.

Wrist bandages designed to relieve wrist pain and discomfort are ideal for those who suffer from wrist pain or need to protect their hands, wrists, and palms. It is comfortable for both men and women.

You can fit it perfectly due to Velcro closure straps, and it is perfect for men, women, and kids. If you order it and it’s small in size, it will definitely fit your son or daughter.

It is recommended for roller and ice skating. It’s a very professional wrist guard, and you will really enjoy any sports game using this wrist guard. Its Eva foam pad quality is good and has an extra thick splint.

It has breathable nylon mesh on both sides, which provides a snug fit. The weight of this wrist guard is very light.

Key Features:

  • Extra thick splint
  • Breathable nylon mesh
  • High-quality EVA Foam Pad
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • The rope design is very friendly
  • Best for every type of sports gamenAdjustable straps for a custom fitnGood rigid protectionnThe cushion is perfectnPerfectly fit under gloves
  • No splintnLess rigid protection

6. Soared Skating Impact Wrist Guards


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Soared
  • Packge Dimensions:  8.43 x 5.39 x 2.76 inches

These wrist guards are very hard, flexible that protect your hand and wrist from injury. You can bend it freely, and it is suitable for many activities such as snowboarding and skateboarding.

Soared wrist guard flexible, ergonomic shock-resistant ABS housing and hole support. For wicking out the moisture, these guards have lycra mesh fabric on both sides for breathability. These guards are easy to take on and off.

The inner pad wicks away sweat and provides additional protection against vibration (if dropped). Two adjustable nylon palms and wrist straps provide a comfortable fit and prevent slippage.

It will fit easily over any mitt and gloves, and it is made from soft plastic materials. If you are a beginner or expert in snowboarding, it’s a great choice to minimize wrist injury.

You can use it inside and outside the gloves, but remember that it would be better to buy bigger gloves if you want to use them inside the gloves.

If you have a large or small hand, it will perfectly fit you, but it is essential to order the right-sized wrist guard.

Key Features:

  • ABS Plastic, Lycra Mesh.
  • They have ABS plastic bones shell with hole support.
  • Lycra mesh fabric for breathability and comfort level.
  • Provide good and extra protection.
  • Elastic and tight fastening strap to prevent falling off.
  • Easy to take off and onnFlexible and freely bendnSolid and comfortablenFit on large and small handsnNo more abrasions
  • Not best for more 50+ age personnSlightly bulky

7. Level Women’s Butterfly Glove – Best Women Wrist Guards


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Level
  • Packge Dimensions:  9.84 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches

It is considered the best wrist guards for snowboarders, which keeps your wrist from injury. Usually, women fell than men while snowboarding tricks, so they need more protection to do buttering or other snowboarding confidently.

These wrist guards have Membra-Therm plus technology, which keeps your wrist warm. The liner, air ven, and nose wipe are removable. The design of these gloves is simple, but they have a built-in wrist guard, and due to Kevlar material, it will last many seasons.

They have good wrist protection, Itis water-resistant, and waterproof. It is easy to clean. You can wash it in the machine and without the machine using soap. The good materials use in this wrist guard that makes it long-lasting.

The thumbs side is very soft, and Nylon thread with plastic mechanism, fixed to the internal handle. Due to the air vent on the top of the hand, these wrist guards will escape the gloves’ moisture.

LEVEL’s service is excellent. The plush material on the side of the thumb is a useful “nose rub” function. Your child can reach out and wipe his nose in the elevator or the park-don’t worry.

The interior liner is removable for fast drying, and it easy to wash, take off, and on.

Key Features:

  • Swallowtail design.
  • The knitted brush liner is removable.
  • Built-in goggle lens cleaner.
  • Gauntlet cuff to keep snow out.
  • Vent hole to escape moisture.
  • Proven wrist protectionnPlush material on the side of the thumbnWater-resistant that keep hand warmnWindproof and breathable.nLast many seasons
  • Slightly expensivenSize problem

Things To Consider Before Buying Snowboard Wrist Guards


While snowboarding, you will definitely need a wrist guard that provides warmth. This is why we recommend checking out the liner feature in gloves, wrist guards, and mitts.

The liner layers will provide warmth inside the gloves and wrist guards, . They are also moisture-wicking. If some pieces of the icefall on your hand, these liners will provide good warmth. You did not feel any ice on your hand.


The palm is usually reinforced with materials such as vinyl or leather to make it more durable. They also provide better grip and have vents for ventilation.


There are two types of gloves cuff. Some of them come with long and some short cuffs. The long cuffs wrist guards provide better protection than short cuffs. The long cuffs gloves are slightly bulky than short cuffs.

The short cuffs gloves are also good if you tuck them under the sleeves. The short cuffs gloves are lightweight. If you have weared long or short cuffs both work well but we recommend to wear long cuff gloves.


There is an insulating layer under the waterproof casing. The insulation material you choose will depend on the weather conditions you will be skiing or skiing. 

Simultaneously, the main function of the thermal insulation material is to provide warmth and breathability. It should provide a good fit, not appear bulky, and not restrict the fingers’ natural movement. Examples of good insulation include down, merino wool, synthetic fibers, and fine particles.

Outer Shell

Check out the outer and inner shells what they are made of? Is it waterproof? Go for such wrist guards and gloves, which provide waterproof and breathability features.

If the interior and exterior part of the wrist guards is made of good materials that provide waterproof features, it would be better because it will prevent entering water inside the gloves.

Related Questions

Are wrist guards necessary for skateboarding?

Yes, of course, wrist guards are essential while skateboarding because if you fall while skateboarding, your wrist guard will protect your wrist from being injured. If you go skateboarding without wearing wrist guards so your wrist may get an injury when you fall on the ice surface area.

Do wrist guards go over or under gloves?

Yes, but it also depends. That’s why it would be better to buy the right size of wrist guards that fit perfectly on you and goes under gloves and mittens.

Should you wear wrist guards skateboarding?

The wrist guards support the wrist and prevent the fracture while falling. Wrist guards can help, but it’s best to learn how to fall properly. “If you lose your balance, sit on the skateboard, so you don’t have to fall too hard, and try to land instead of your arms.

Do you need protective gear for skateboarding?

Like any sport, skateboarding also requires protective equipment to protect yourself. This helps prevent bruises, minor cuts, and serious injuries. Whether you are a beginner or a sports professional, we recommend that you not skate without proper protective equipment.

How do you put on wrist guards?

Final Thoughts

That was all about the best snowboard wrist guards, and I hope now you can select wrist guards for snowboarding confidently without any difficulty.

It’s necessary to wear wrist guards as a beginner and expert at snowboarding because it will protect your wrist and arm from injury.

If you are doing practice on your snowboard or are doing any buttering tricks, it would be better to wear anyone’s wrist guards on our list to protect yourself.

The last wrist guards are slightly expensive, but it’s best for women, We have reviewed the top 7 packs now the choice is your, purchase it according to your budget and needs.

Have your confidence level increase after wearing snowboarding wrist protectors? Let us know in the comments section below to check the experience of our readers with snowboarding.

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