Best Transmission Fluid MT82 2022 | Ultimate Guide

MT82 transmission fluid

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ImageNameBrandWeight Price
Red Line TransmissionRed Line1.2 poundsCheck Prize On Amazon

Before proceeding to our main topic, best transmission fluid MT 82, let’s talk about MT82.

Ford manufactures the Ford Mustang, From 1964-2004 it is considered the longest produced Ford car worldwide.

Besides MT82 do you have a DSG car? here check out our recommended products for DSG transmission fluid.

Many people have sticking, grinding, and slow performance issues with the Ford Mustang, but they don’t know how to improve it. Do you want to overcome all issues with Ford Mustang right now?

If Yes! Then we recommend installing the below MT82 transmission to overcome all problems. As you know, there is a lot of transmissions for MT82, but it’s a bit confusing to find out the best one at a reasonable price.

The right transmission fluid is the way to overcome the gear shift problem without sticking. This is why we have reviewed the top 5 MT82 transmission fluid for low budget and high budget people in details.

Quick Look Of Best Transmission Fluid MT82

ImageNameBrandWeight Price
Red Line TransmissionRed Line1.2 poundsCheck Prize On Amazon
Castrol 03520C TRANSMAX DEX/MERC ATFCastrol 7.65 poundsCheck Prize On Amazon
Royal PurpleRoyal Purple1 poundsCheck Prize On Amazon
ValvolineMulti-Vehicle (ATF)Valvoline1.85 poundsCheck Prize On Amazon
 Genuine Ford Transmission FluidFord 1 poundsCheck Prize On Amazon

Top 5 Best Transmission Fluid MT82

1. Red Line Transmission

Red Line (50204) SAE 75W80 API GL-4 Manual Transmission


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Red Line 
  • Item Model Number: 50204

There are different transmission fluids for MT82, but Redline is considered the best because of its quality and light transmission fluids. You might be tired of using heavy transmission fluids that do not work properly to overcome gear shifting and other problems.

Redline is a very light and smooth synthetic oil that provides high performance and smooth gear shifting. Its shelf life is perfect that lasts longer. If you used it once, you would definitely love it.

This synthetic oil is not too slippery that will support to shift gear quickly without sticking. It is also safe for brass synchros and recommended for GL-1, GL-3 & GL-4 applications.

Are you a racer? Don’t worry. You can use it for racing as well, but ensure to renew this transmission fluid before racing. It doesn’t mean that it’s specially made for Mt82, and you can only use it for MT82. However, it is also considered popular motor oil for Ford Focus, Honda/Acura, BMW, and other cars.

The redline was established in 1979 and provided good protection rather than other brands. This product has mostly five stars reviews from many customers worldwide.

It will work well for sports and other cars and improve performance even you have 30 years old car. After changing this oil, you will not feel any resistance at all. While shifting gear, you will feel the smoothness, and you can easily shift gear without any force.

Key Features:

  • It provides a quick gear shift.
  • It is safe for brass synchros.
  • Its shelf life is good.
  • You can use it on many vehicles, e.g., BMW, Honda, etc.
  • Improved coefficient of friction after changing this fluid.
  • Better gear protection for any carnCold shifting without any forcenNo slippagenLong time supportnQuicker shifts
  • 4th gear issue for ancient carnSlightly grinding issue



  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Castrol  
  • Model: 03520

If you want smooth transmission performance, Castrol will enhance friction durability for smooth performance and provides easy gear shift without any problem. Castrol transmission fluid will work perfectly at any temperature.

It meets Mercon requirements, which is the automatic transmission fluid created by Ford. You can also use Castrol in a power steering application, which provides smoothness to the steering while turning the wheel left or right.

Castrol is used in general motor and other vehicles. Sometimes it’s called multi-vehicle transmission fluid because it is the best transmission fluid for many vehicles.

If you drive on a highway or city street, Castrol will provide outstanding protection while driving on every kind of road. Unparalleled oxidation resistance to prevent viscosity increase. The shelf life of this transmission is very long that provides better and high performance for a long.

Maybe you don’t see a difference at fast, but you will see a lot of difference after a few miles while changing the gear. It will shift pretty smoothly. You will not feel any slipping and roughness after using Castrol transmission fluid.

This fluid will fix transmission whine noise, and you don’t need to be worried about the higher or lower temperatures. It will work perfectly at any temperature.

Key Features:

  • Smooth transmission performance on many vehicles.
  • Also, be used in power steering applications.
  • High-temperature protection.
  • Multi-Vehicle Transmission Fluid.
  • Enhanced friction durability.
  • Unsurpassed oxidation resistancenMuch smoothernThe transmission will not slipperynNo overheatingnNo more whining
  • Not recommended for DSGnWork after a few miles

3. Royal Purple


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Royal Purple
  • Model: ROY01512

Royal purple will provide good protection against corrosion and rust, and it will boost your engine power to provide the best performance on the highway and other roads. It is recommended for manual transmission oil that specifies a light-viscosity oil.

You can also use it in 2 cycle motorcycle gearboxes, and It’s the right choice to improve the gear shifting performance of MT82. While changing the gear, you will not feel any irritating noise.

Synchromax is compatible with every kind of friction material and provides excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance without affecting metals. It’s designed is very different from another fluid bottle, and it’s easy to fill because of the yellow small-cap and small hole on the top.

While shifting the gear will make the gear very smooth and easy to shift without any sticking issue. After changing Royal purple oil, they will provide better protection for the manual gearbox, and the gearbox will shift smoother than before.

Besides smooth gear shift, notice how much the car is quieter right now from before? You will really love its quietness. It’s cheaper in price so that everyone can afford it.

Ensure to change the oil on time. If you feel any problem in gear shifting, or you know that it’s gonna be long, so we recommend changing transmission fluid.

Key Features:

  • Keep your car noise quite less.
  • It will improve shift gear quality.
  • Reduce the noise of gear.
  • Compatible with all fraction materials.
  • Excellent corrosion and oxidation protection.
  • Smoother shiftsnReduces friction for more powernMinimal internal oxidationnHigh-quality fluid with longer lifenMetal protection
  • Improvement after a few gear shiftnSlightly expensive

4. ValvolineMulti-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Valvoline
  • Model: VV324

Due to the blend of superior base oils, Valvolinemulti-vehicle fluid extends transmission life by more than 75,000 miles. After changing this fluid, the transmission performance will increase, which helps to improve car smoothness while shifting the gear.

It will work perfectly on many vehicles such as Honda, Toyota, MT82, and many more. A high-performance seal modifier can maintain seal elasticity, thereby helping to prevent leakage. This transmission fluid will eliminate slippage.

If you feel any slipping in gear, they may be running hot due to the lack of transmission fluid. To overcome slippage, immediately change the transmission fluid. It will work properly under high and low temperatures.

It will also improve cleaning additives, help reduce lake formation, and maintain proper transmission performance longer. The Valvolinemulti-vehicle is formulated with a unique blend of viscosity modifier and base oil to provide better oil flow at lower temperatures and better film protection at higher temperatures.

It’s sealing quality is outstanding. You will get full protection with a sealing conditioner. While replacing this transmission fluid, you will not face any problem, and replacement will be hassle-free.

With that, it will also enhance your engine’s performance that will provide a smooth result while driving on any road.

Key Features:

  • It will extend the shelf life of transmission with over 75 000 Miles.
  • Maximize transmission and engine performance.
  • Improve gear smooth shifting without sticking.
  • Seal conditioner prevents leakage.
  • Eliminate slippage and shudder.
  • Reduce transmission wearnSafe from metal and corrosionnLong shelf lifenReduce varnish formationnGood protection at low u0026 high temperature
  • Slightly expensive than other fluidsnThe slipping problem for old car

5. Genuine Ford Transmission Fluid


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Genuine 
  • Item Model Number: XT-11-QDC

It protects against wear and corrosion, and the low viscosity improves the economy of fuel. It is formulated with synthetic base oils and performance additives to improve gear shifting at low and high temperatures.

The genuine fluid is a manual transmission fluid that will work for 150,000 miles, but it would be better to change it to 80,000 miles or less. We recommend changing the MT82 transmission fluid after gear shifting or another transmission low-performance problem.

It is also used to control the transmission mechanism. If you want pretty smooth gear shifting, this is the right transmission fluid for you that you will not regret.

Right now, they are not available in stock. Maybe they came soon. If you can’t wait for the wait, you don’t need to be worried because this is the last best transmission fluid mt82 on our list, so we recommend buying the top #1 transmission fluid for better performance.

It may cause skin, eye, and respiratory tract irritation. While changing transmission fluid, ensure to use it carefully.

Motorcraft dual-clutch transmission fluid is specially formulated for DPS6 dry clutch dual power shift transmissions. It was developed as a double-acting fluid that protects gears, synchronizers, and bearings and is also used to control transmission mechanisms.

Key Features:

  • Manufactured with synthetic base oils.
  • Improved shifting at every temperature.
  • It is also used to operate the transmission’s shift mechanisms.
  • Protects against wear and corrosion.
  • Improves fuel economy with low viscosity.
  • Long shelf lifenSmooth-shiftingnWarrantynBest for fuel efficiencynLong runtime
  • Slightly expensivenLess than 100 ratings

Things To Consider Before Buying Transmission Fluid MT82

We have reviewed the top 10 MT82 transmission fluid, but it’s confusing for you to choose the right one. This is why we recommend checking these things before buying transmission fluid.

Match MT82

As you know that there are different transmission fluid for vehicle and is manufactured by different brands. We recommend purchasing the transmission fluid that is specially made for MT82.

Correct Fluid Type

If you want that good performance of your engine, so it is essential to get the correct fluid for your car. You now have two ways to find it. The first method is very advanced. Look, the dipstick of your car contains all the parts and names. 

Another way to find it is to refer to the manual to adjust the type of fluid without causing difficulties.

Specific Transmission Fluid

It would be better if you choose the specific transmission fluid for the specific vehicles. Many people use tried different transmission fluids every time we recommend to use to find out the high-quality transmission fluid for your vehicle and use it again and again.


Don’t go for a transmission fluid that has a short lifespan. We recommend buying a transmission fluid with 80 to 1 lac miles. If you don’t know about the fluid that how it will last, so check out buyer’s feedback and product reviews to read about its features, pros, and cons.

Related Questions

How long does it take to change the transmission fluid?

Basically, the average time to change the fluid in the gearbox is 1 hour. However, because some vehicles are manufactured differently, they do not need to change the oil as frequently as older models, so be sure to read the owner’s manual or seek professional repair advice about changing the transmission fluid.

Is it safe to change transmission fluid on high mileage?

No, it is not safe to change the transmission fluid on a high mileage car. It’s risky. Only perform this operation when the transmission is operating not fine, and the fluid level is high, as this may cause the transmission to malfunction.

Should I change transmission fluid after 100k miles?

It depends on which transmission fluid you are using, It would be better to change transmission fluid after 100,000 miles, but it’s necessary to change it if your car gear shifting performance is smooth and you don’t see other problems.

The high-quality fluids may last up to 150,000 miles.

What happens if you don’t change your transmission fluid?

If the transmission oil is not changed frequently, the dirty oil will not act as an effective lubricant and will not disperse heat well. This will cause tears on the clutch and other parts of the transmission. It would be better if you change the transmission fluid quickly as soon as possible.

Should I get a transmission flush or change?

If you are performing flush, it will allow you to clean the gearbox with cleaning additives to remove accumulated sludge and other contaminants more effectively. It is recommended to perform transmission discharge every 45,000 miles or every three years in place of a drain and fill.

Final Thoughts

That was all about the best transmission fluid mt82, and I hope you can now select the best transmission fluid for your MT82.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, we recommend reading the key features, pros, and cons instead of reading the whole article.

While choosing the transmission fluid, don’t forget to check out the owner’s manual for your specific vehicle. Ensure to buy the transmission fluid that meets all your requirements.

For those who have steering and other issues, we recommend buying multivehicle transmission fluid that works for almost every car, gear, steering, and improve other performance.

Which transmission fluid have you used for MT82 before that? And how was your experience with that fluid? Let us know in the comments that will help our readers because you may have any good or bad experience with that, so our readers will follow you.

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