Do Snowboards Come Waxed

Do You Really Need To Wax A Brand New Snowboard?

Are you wondering that do snowboards come waxed? It’s essential to know about its waxing after buying a new buttering snowboard or any other snowboard. 

How often should you wax a snowboard? It seems like a simple question, and many people will say “always” while others will say never. The truth is that your snowboard needs to be tuned for your riding style.

One of the first things you need to decide when buying a new snowboard that should I wax it or not?

With winter approaching in some parts of the world, now is an excellent time to think about last-minute snowboard maintenance. It’s essential to check your snowboard before doing buttering or other tricks.

Do Snowboards Come Waxed

New snowboards often arrive in a box full of tape and bubble wrap with a layer of wax applied over the top. So you don’t need to wax it anymore because it’s already waxed by the company before shipping.

After arrival, this layer of wax is removed and replaced with a more excellent wax. Most people go through this process, but it doesn’t need to be this way. You can avoid all the hassle and leave your snowboard protected against the elements by sending your snowboard in for waxing.

There are two main reasons. The first is that most companies use a rub-on or spray-on wax that covers the board with a thin layer of wax to protect the board for a short period, maybe a week or two.

The second reason is that many people who purchase a new snowboard haven’t waxed a snowboard before, so it is better to start with a pre-waxed board than a bare base depending on the usage.

Is factory wax on a snowboard good?

If you’re looking to get into snowboarding, one of the first questions on your mind may be: Do I need to wax my snowboard? And for this answer, the answer is a big “no.” That new board you scored from your local shop is good as, and it can get and will give you many happy shredding experiences for years to come.

If you’d like to go riding without waxing first, that’s totally up to you. It might be given a board with wax already on it or trying to adding more.

Why are snowboards waxed

Waxing your skis isn’t always something you have to do, but for many, it’s well worth the effort. For one thing, a better wax job will make it easier for your skis to slide across the surface quickly over snow and ice.

It’ll also reduce friction as you move over flatter surfaces. So you won’t get stuck or slowed down by bumps in the road. Finally, you can use less of your ski ramp or jump to hit a rail or box.

Wax prevents your snowboard from drying out, and it essentially keeps it hydrated the same way we need to keep our bodies hydrated after a few long runs.

Removing the snowboard can be done by putting together a list of ingredients. It make up the basic formula needed to create one of your own or as many as you want and then checking them off by price and quantity required.

What happens if your snowboard is not waxed?

If you do not wax your snowboard, you will find yourself unable to ride at top speed. Your board will not be protected against rust, won’t slide as well, and will pose a high risk of damage or chip-out.

It’s unnecessary to wax your snowboard, but some experts recommend waxing for better performance for the snowboard racers.

How to wax your snowboard

Waxing your snowboard is easy once you know what you are doing! The process should take around 20-25 minutes with the necessary equipment. Let’s dive into the process of waxing your snowboard.

Clean Snowboard Base

Wash the base with a rag and warm water to wipe off heavy dirt or grime. If the base is dirty enough, add a splash of citrus-based cleaner to the warm water and scrub it clean in circular motions using your fingertips.

Dry off your cleaning mixture before starting any areas that need attention. Next by blotting these with a towel before you get started scrubbing them up.

Let sit for about 20 minutes with newspaper covering its surface to dry enough for spraying on the polyurethane.

Apply Wax

Old Wax Scrapping

Once you have let your skateboard dry after a shower. Try to grab your sandpaper and start rubbing the deck in one direction from nose to tail until it gets warmed up.

When riding a surfboard and you’re in the water surfing, there are some techniques to keep in mind. Generally speaking, scraping your board should follow the lines of movement. So that the wave is taking when you look up after a jump or steep dive.

Your board’s activity remains smooth and continuous. Switch riders (those who ride with their left foot forward) can change things by placing their back foot on top of their front foot for each scrape set.

It’s essential to make long full scrapes from tip-to-tail rather than small aggressive strokes. Because this will keep your board from getting choppy and help it run faster.


The final step in making a snowboard is to buff its base. To create this final layer, place the board face down on your work table. Take a 220 grit paper to dull the shine of the existing bottom deck.

Applying New Wax

Melt the new wax either by using a wax iron, or clothing iron, however please note if you use a normal clothes iron, you might not be able to use it for ironing clothes. Melt the wax by keeping the wax near the heated surface of the iron, as the wax starts to drip, let it drop on the surface of the board evenly. Ensure that the surface is covered evenly especially the edges and corners as they tend to be the driest. Now use the iron and move it continuously on the base of the board, keep the iron in motion and never leave it in one place, this will ensure the surface wax melts and coats evenly. It’s time to let the wax cool off for 20-30 minutes.

Scrapping Extra Wax

Using a plastic scraper, rub off any extra wax around the tail and edges. For the base firmly brush it, so any extra wax can be rubbed off and the surface can be exposed for a smooth ride.

Final Thoughts

That was all about snowboards coming waxed, and now I think your confusion is clear about this query. Here are the waxing snowboard accessories.

If you have ever wondered whether or not you should wax your brand new board, then it’s time to stop wondering and do it.

The truth is this simple process of applying wax to the bottom of your board will help extend the life of your snowboard.

We recommend getting in touch with professionals from a well-established company like Inboard Store for the best results.

They offer professional branded equipment that guarantees safety during all red tapes and tricks you can come up with. After all, these people know how to make sure those tacks stay true and stick like glue!

Have you waxed your snowboard? and how was your experience with it? Let us know in the comments section below. It will help our readers!

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