Seed Spreader For Polaris Ranger 2022 | Ultimate Guide

Seed spreader

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ImageNameBrandWeight Price
Buyers ATV Seed SpreaderBuyers Products17.59 poundsCheck Price On Amazon

Do you know that a seed spreader is an important tool for the farmer? It’s challenging to spread the seed without a high-quality seed spreader. There is a lot of difference between sprinkling the seed by hand and using a seed spreader.

Do you have unwanted weeds between pavers? Remove it with these tools.

Definitely, a seed spreader will help you to save your time, and it will grow quickly. But it’s important to have a Polaris ranger because to spread the seed, and you need a Polaris ranger as well.

This is why we have reviewed the top 5 seed best spreader for Polaris ranger that will help you to plant your new food. Polaris Ranger is the best machine for small and large farms.

We recommend distributing seeds among your fields using a high-quality seed spreader. Even they are expensive, but you will get a good result at last.

You can use these seed spreader to distribute grass seed, fertilizer across your gardens evenly. However, you have a Polaris ranger with any model. These seed spreader will work perfectly for every model ranger.

Quick Look Of The Seed Spreader For Polaris Ranger

ImageNameBrandWeight Price
Buyers ATV Seed SpreaderBuyers Products17.59 poundsCheck Price On Amazon
Guide Gear ATV/UTV Seed SpreaderGuide Gear47.3 pounds

Check Price On Amazon
Buyers Products UTV All Purpose SpreaderBuyers Products57.4 pounds

Check Price On Amazon
Field Tuff Mount SpreaderField Tuff20 pounds

Check Price On Amazon
Moultrie ATV SpreaderMoultrie N/A
Check Price On Amazon

Top 5 Seed Spreader For Polaris Ranger

1. Buyers ATV Seed Spreader – Polaris Ranger Salt Spreader

Buyers Products ATVS100 ATV All-Purpose Broadcast Spreader 100 lbs. Capacity with Rain Cover


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Buyers Products 
  • Model: ATVS100

This is the best seed spreader for Polaris ranger on our list. It comes with a rain cover that helps you to spread the seed in your fields while raining. Due to the rustproof poly hopper feature, you’re all materials will be safe inside the seed spreader.

It has a 100 lb capacity, which is ideal for hunting, farming, and ground maintenance. The 12V motor is installed inside the hopper for protection during use.

You can distribute any flowering materials such as fertilizer, feed, and seed in this seed spreader. Usually, it is used for all types of purposes of the seeder. The manual feed gate regulator will allow you to control materials on how much materials you have used.

Its assembly is effortless. Only a few sockets and a screwdriver are needed. According to one of the buyers’ experiences, you will be able to assemble the whole thing within 20-25 minutes, as he said.

You can also use it on the mini-truck. It will work perfectly and last for many years if you are using them properly. You don’t need to spread back at the vehicle. Its hopper will hold two 50 lb bags.

Furthermore, you don’t need to any struggling to push a fertilizer spreader, and it’s easy to use. It is very sturdy and easy to install.

Key Features:

  • Rustproof poly hopper and rain protection feature.
  • Ideal for farming and other ground maintenance.
  • It will work with the old and new version of Polaris ranger.
  • Inside the hopper 12v, the motor is mounted.
  • Rain cover protects.
  • Great coveragenLightweightnEasy to handlenAssembly didn’t take longnWork on any ranger model
  • lock washers are slightly tinynTook a bit longer to load the hopper

2. Guide Gear ATV/UTV – Seed Spreader For Polaris Ranger

Guide Gear ATV/UTV or Utility Tractor Heavy Duty Receiver Mount Spreader, 125 lb


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Guide Gear 
  • Model: AS-125ATV12

This heavy-duty mount spreader will help you to spread the seed quickly in fields. The 12V DC motor’s rated speed is 570 RPM, making it efficient and reliable, and it is sealed and protected. It is very durable and lasts long.

The capacity of this seed spreader is higher than Buyers ATV seed spreader. It has a capacity of 125 lbs, which can easily handle two bags of 60 lbs. This seed spreader can also hold 16 gallons of grass, fertilizer, and seed.

You can easily control it from the operator seats, and it will send the seeds evenly in the field. This seed spreader easily mounts on tractors, UTV/ATV. The on/off switch quality is included in this spreader, which is easy to handle.

It comes with rain cover protection that makes your products last longer. This spreader is built awesome. The assembly instructions are simple and easy to understand. It worked well from the start. The span is 12 feet wide.

You can modify it according to your own choice. It is controlled by the switch on/off. If you want to remove the cable controlled, you can remove it. You can also work on the indicator to allow you how far the gate is open while sitting in the driver’s seat.

This product is made of heavy-duty metal and has a plastic hopper. The straps work fine, and it is making the whole equipment more stable.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty and durable.
  • The maximum capacity of this spreader is 125 lbs.
  • Hold 16 gallons of seed, grass, and fertilizer.
  • Easy to control from the operator’s seats.
  • Easily mount on UTV/ATV and utility tractors.
  • Rain cover protectionnWork for sand and salt in the winter seasonn Good solid hopper nHigh-quality metal partsnModify it
  • Useless instructionsnSlightly fustrating cable control of close/open gate

3. Buyers Products UTV – Seed Spreader For ATV

Buyers Products UTV All Purpose Spreader, 150 lb


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Buyers Products  
  • Model: UTV All-Purpose Spreader

This is used for all purposes of seed spreader, helping you easily distribute seed, fertilizer, salt, and other flowering plants. It is versatile and rustproof that protects against corrosion.

It is attached with a 2-inch receiver hitch, which generally goes upto 3,500 lbs and offers 30 feet spread width. The poly hopper is durable, and it holds up to 15 gallons of grass, seed which is less than our above-recommended product.

The shut gate of this spreader is adjustable and has a sealed 12V motor. Not just parts-from snow and ice equipment to toolboxes, hydraulic systems, traction, truck and trailer equipment, to our innovative lighting equipment-what customers can do for your truck are amazing.

It is made of high-quality materials and has a sturdy unit. You can mount it on the ATV/UTV front. You can also operate on/of the switch from the cab on ATV. It is considered the best for spread fertilizer, rock salt, and sand.

Accessing the flow control is easy. You can control it from the front seat. This seed spreader will mostly work with every Polaris ranger model, but one of the buyers saying that it’s best with the ATV, not UTV.

This product is quite expensive, but worth it for its quality, people love it, and you will also love it, you will not regret it.

Key Features:

  • This spreader is used for all purposes.
  • Easily distributes weeds, salt, and fertilizer.
  • Versatile and rustproof.
  • The strong poly hopper holds up to 15 gallons.
  • Adjustable shut off the gate.
  • Durable and long-lastingnMounted on ATV and UTVnEasy installationsnWork on any ranger modelnMulti-purpose spreader
  • The spray radius is not quite as largenThere is no agitator in the hopper

4. Field Tuff Mount Spreader

Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader, 80-Pound


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Field Tuff
  • Model: AS-80ATV12

Field tuff’s 12-volt ATV hitch-mount spreader is very powerful. It helps you spread seed, fertilizer, and other flowering plants easily. 12V DC motor, rated speed 570rpm, provides efficient and reliable products, and is sealed for better protection.

It is designed to do difficult work and will not break easily. This seed spreader can hold a maximum capacity of 80 lbs. The 12-foot-wide gearbox ensures that you get the job done efficiently! Easy access from the driver’s seat.

Easy to mount on UTV, ATV, and utility tractors, it comes with a rain cover protector that helps you to seed spreader while raining without any damages to your materials.

It has a power switch, and its installation is easy. It assembles pretty easily. This spreader is easy to control and work on 2″ receiver well. The agitator and spreader will work perfectly, and the rear mudguard must be installed correctly so as not to interfere with the spreading wheel.

When you hit a bump, the cover of this spreader will keep the seed from spilling out, which is a good thing, and most people loved it.

This seed spreader comes with a 4 feet cable, which works well on ATV. You can connect the black wire to the wood so that the metal wire can move back and forth freely.

Key Features:

  • Good speed due to the 12 Volt DC motor.
  • Heavy-duty and durable spreader.
  • Maximum capacity of 80 lb.
  • This spreader can hold up to 8 gallons of grass seed.
  • Wiring harness and on/off switch.
  • Spread seed easilyn12 feet spreadnEasy to fertilize the lawnnIt makes your big job easynDecent spreader
  • Not bind against the rotating spreadernWire and cables are too short

5. Moultrie ATV Spreader – Grass Seeders For ATV

Moultrie ATV Spreader – Manual Feed Gate


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Moultrie 
  • Model: MSS-12721

Moultrie ATV seed spreader is durable that lasts for many years but ensure to use it properly. This seed spreader has a tapered plastic hopper that has the maximum capacity to hold 100 lb.

It has a 12-volt DC motor, a rotary motor that converts the current into mechanical energy into DC power. It is designed for difficult work and will make your difficult work easy.

While turning it active, it’s easy due to the on/off lid. The shut-off gate is adjustable, and it regulates the amount of fertilizer and seeds. For easy detachment, it has a built-in quick release system.

Easily sow and fertilize with the largest Moultrie ATV distributor. The conical plastic funnel can provide anti-rust performance and empty the load. The maximum efficiency is 100 lb.

This seed spreader has hookups in the ATV/UTV and has a switch to turn on or off. You can clean it easily after spreading fertilizer. We recommend cleaning it with soap, water, and a stiff brush.

It would be better to spray the metal shaft on the spinner motor with a lubricant when it dries. There are screw holes for fixing the valve to the ATV mounting bracket, but no fasteners are provided.

Key Features:

  • Tapered plastic hopper.
  • Maximum capacity of 100 lb.
  • Adjustable shut-off gate.
  • Built-in quick-release system.
  • Universal mounting bracket.
  • DurablenLast longnEasy on/off lidnEasy detachmentnGood assembly instructions
  • Slightly poor packaging nDirections are crap

Things To Considered Before Buying Seed Spreader For Polaris Ranger

Before buying a seed spreader for Polaris ranger, we recommend considering these things to help you choose the better one according to your needs.


We recommend buying a seed spreader with a strong, rustproof poly hopper and ensuring to check out its frame. We recommend buying a metal frame spreader because it lasts longer.


There are different models, the brand of seed spreader that has its own capacity range. We recommend buying a model with a capacity range as needed. Do you need a large capacity hopper? 100 lb capacity range is enough for you that can hold two small bags.


It would be better if you go for a heavy duty design because it is specially made to do the difficult task and can’t break easily. If unfortunately, the seed spreader falls from your Polaris ranger, it will not break.


Ensure that the seed spreader has the universal fits that fit perfectly on your vehicle. Many spreaders work with every type of Polaris ranger. We recommend buying the right spreader for your Polaris ranger.

Rain Protection

Do you love to seeding during rain? We recommend buying a seed spread that has a rain protection feature. It will help you to keep safe all the materials from the rain.

Shut Off Gate

It would be better if you go for a spreader that has an adjustable shut off the gate. Also, go for a spreader that distributes grass, seed, fertilizer across your gardens evenly.

Related Questions

Can I use the above products as a salt spreader for Polaris ranger?

Yes, it will work perfectly for a salt spreader. Even you can use all of the above seed spreaders for every seeding, such as grass, fertilizer, etc.

Can you drive Polaris Ranger on road?

Polaris Ranger RZR 800 is an off-road recreational vehicle designed for roads and muddy terrain. It was not originally intended to be used on public roads or highways. However, some OHV owners may wish to use their vehicles for short distances.

Is drop spreader better than broadcast?

Drop spreaders are just like ninja stars. They get to you before you even know they’re coming, and they’re exactly in how much of the product they leave on your lawn or other areas.

Broadcast spreaders are excellent for ensuring that the development hits all of your desired spots.

Can you use a seed spreader to spread soil?

Topsoil is easily spread in small areas using a shovel, over larger areas using a wheelbarrow, and over still larger spaces using something similar to one of those old-fashioned gardeners’ rakes.

Applying the correct amount of topsoil to your lawn or garden will improve its fertility and drainage characteristics, but only if you use it correctly!

What is the easy way for Polaris ranger seeder attachment?

Final Thoughts

That was all about seed spreader for Polaris ranger, and I hope it’s now clear to you which one is best for you according to your needs.

All of the seed spreaders in our list mostly fit perfectly with every Polaris ranger model, but if it does not fit perfectly with your Polaris ranger, you can contact the seller.

If you don’t take care of the seed spreader, it may not last long, so once you use it for seeding after that, ensure to keep it in a safe place.

We recommend reading the key features, pros, and cons for saving time and understanding product specifications for those who don’t have too much time to read the whole article.

Which seed spreader you have bought for Polaris ranger? And how was your experience with that? Leave feedback in the comments box. It will help our readers.

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