Should I go for a portable Outdoor fan?


In humid or dry summer where you get little to no cool breezes, outdoor fans became a must if you want to enjoy in the garden, terrace, or inside your gazebo with friends and family. Now you can either opt for a permanently fixed outdoor ceiling fan that mounts to the side or hangs from the ceiling, or go for something that is portable.

By portable, what we mean is a ceiling fan that can be moved around, so you can grab and pull it outside when the need occurs, and it has long extension wire to be easily plugged to near by sockets that are at length. Some portable fans are battery powered, and hence require no cord or wire, we won’t talk about these. They are okay for casual one to two person usage with limited backup of few hours, definitely not suitable when you are throwing party outdoor in hot summer.

Go for large portable long cord wire based outdoor ceiling fan if:

  1. You plan to utilize fan inside as well, and/or at other outdoor spaces.
  2. You do not sit outside at a designated gazibo or garden that frequently, to have a permantely mounted ceiling fan.
  3. You are strong enough or have a helping hand to move the portable fan around as per the need.
  4. You are budget cautious, and want to own a fan that is multipurpose and requires no additional fixation cost.
  5. You plan to enjoy the outdoor with a company of three or more. (If its for small sit ins and individual use, battery powered small portable fans are recommended, no need to go for large portable outdoor fans)

Now, lets help you find the right one, this is going to be a bit tricky because mostly, portable fans are battery powered (but we are not a fan of those, and definitely don’t recommend them unless you have no power source to plug into like you are campaing at a mountain etc. The main challenge is finding a portable fan that has specification to withstand outdoor temperature, humidity, rain, and also have a wired/cord option with atleasy 16 inch blade and that rotates so it can cover a bigger span and provide comfort to a gathering of three or more people.

Here are some limited options for Outdoor Portable Fans (Wired):

  1. Amazon Basics 20-Inch High-Velocity Industrial Fan
Amazon Basics 20-Inch High-Velocity Industrial Fan with 3 Speeds, Durable Metal Construction and Aluminum Blades, Ideal for Industrial & Commercial Spaces, 125 Watts, Black, 9.45″D x 23.43″W x 23.82″H

Ticks all the boxes, is durable, portable, there is an handle to move it around, has large fan size and can rotate so can cover a bigger area by moving around 180 degrees, and is wired so no battery charging or low speed issues. The limitations though are its not that well suited for heavy outdoor usage, so specification wise, cannot withstand long term heavy outdoor usage, and definitely not to be used in rain. The other challenge, since its wired, the cord is not long enough, will require an extension wire, to truly extend it to the outdoor space.


But even they will not suffice for long term usage, a more reliable option if you are a handy man, or can pull in an electrician will be to go for an outdoor ceiling fan, get it welded on a solid frame with wheels, and have its cord wire extended by a few metres to get a longer range.

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