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ImageNameBrandCapacity Price
Agri Fab UTV Seed SpreaderAgri-Fab 130 lbCheck Price On Amazon

Do you know without the agitator feature, seed spread may get jammed? That may not distribute the seeds, fertilizer evenly. As a result, the seed may be eaten by birds, or they not grow properly in the fields.

The agitator feature in the seed spreader is very important because it helps you spread the seeds and fertilizer more easily. It’s something like a machine that makes seeds into motion and helps in even distribution.

This article will know about UTV spreader with an agitator that will help spread seeds easily in the fields without getting jammed. If you want even distribution of your seeds, we recommend using a UTV seed spreader.

Maybe while spreading the seeds, you have to face problems because of the seed spreader without an agitator. It would be better if you attached a UTV seed spreader with your UTV vehicle.

Do you know the agitator feature will help you spread the seeds, fertilizer, and other small grains easily without getting jammed? Let’s jump to the UTV spreader in detail about how they are helping while spreading seeds.

Quick Look Of UTV Spreader With Agitator

ImageNameBrandCapacity Price
Agri Fab UTV Seed SpreaderAgri-Fab 130 lbCheck Price On Amazon
Guide Gear ATV/UTV Seed SpreaderGuide Gear125 lbCheck Price On Amazon
Brinly Broadcast SpreaderBrinly 175 lbCheck Price On Amazon
Field Tuff Mount SpreaderField Tuff 80 lbCheck Price On Amazon
Moultrie ATV Food Plot Spreader Moultrie 100 lbCheck Price On Amazon

Top 5 UTV Spreader With Agitator

1. Agri Fab UTV Seed Spreader – UTV Seeder

Tow and Push models


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Agri-Fab
  • Model: 45-05463 

Its hopper capacity is outstanding, which can hold up to 130 lb. You can easily move this spreader at different positions, and it’s on/off control is durable rod linked. This seed spreader’s shelf life is long, but ensure you are taking proper care of it.

In this spreader, the gearbox has a hydraulic-based system that performs the required functions and spread seeds evenly in your fields. The large diameter tires have a wide wheelbase that gives comfort and stability.

This seed spreader has a large wheel tier of 13″ x 4″ that perfectly moves bumpy lawns. The hopper size is large, and hopper covers protect spillage of material floodplains from wind or moisture and keep them dry.

The deflector limits the spreading width, reduces waste, and prevents material from entering flower beds, bushes, off walks, and shrubbery. Due to the flow gate control, you can easily operate from the UTV tractor seats.

The hopper grate protects the clumped and other materials from blocking, which distribute the seeds evenly. This seed spreader comes with tow and push models. You can go for any model. Both will work well.

The top buyers saying that the assembly unit looks outstanding, hooks up easily, and will not face any problem while pulling. You can attach this seed spreader to your UTV easily because it has a universal hitch.

Key Features:
  • The enclosed gearbox will help you to distribute seeds evenly.
  • Easily accessible from the tractor seat and have on/off rod control.
  • Good assembly unit and quick, easy disassembly.
  • 130 LB hopper capacity that can hold two small bags.
  • Universal fit hitch for easy and quick attachment.
  • Smoothly movement of rougher terrainnPneumatic tiresn3 years warrantynEasily hold weightnGood fit u0026 finish
  • Tiny spots where the paint slightly scuffednA low flawless flashy paint job

2. Guide Gear ATV/UTV Seed Spreader – Best UTV Seeder Spreader

Guide Gear ATV/UTV or Utility Tractor


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Guide Gear 
  • Model: AS-125ATV12

Do you want to spread the seed, fertilizer easily? This is the best seed spreader for you. You will not regret this spreader. You can use it on UTV, ATV and utility tractor. Many people are confused that it may only work with UTV, but it will work perfectly with every vehicle.

This spreader is very powerful and has a 12 Volt DC motor. This is a heavy-duty spreader that makes your difficult task easy. It is very durable that lasts long.

There is no doubt that this UTV spreader’s biggest feature is the agitator that allows the material to flow freely. The spreading width of the Guide Gear ATV/UTV is 12 feet. You don’t need to be worried about the UTV model. It will fit perfectly on any model.

While spreading grass, seeds else any other materials, this spreader will give you a good result with the speed of 570 rpm because of the powerful 12V motor. It comes with rain cover protections.

The control is easy to access from the operator seats, the hopper capacity is 125 LB and can hold 16 gallons of grass. The assembly instruction is easy. If you are still confused, you can watch any video on Youtube.

The product is made of durable metal with a plastic hopper. The on/off quality is included in this valve, and it is easy to use.

Key Features:
  • Heavy-duty and durable.
  • The maximum capacity of this spreader is 125 lbs.
  • Hold 16 gallons of seed, grass, and fertilizer.
  • Easy to control from the operator’s seats.
  • Easily mount on UTV/ATV and utility tractors.
  • Rain cover protectionnWork for sand and salt in the winter seasonnGood solid hoppernHigh-quality metal partsnModify it
  • Useless instructions nSlightly frustrating cable control of close/open gate

3. Brinly Broadcast Spreader – Seed Broadcaster For ATV


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Brinly
  • Model: BS-36BH

The hopper capacity of this spreader is large. It can hold up to 175 LB, and its hopper is rust and dent-proof. The lasting durability is outstanding and can last for a lifetime if you take good care of the spreader.

All parts of this spreader are durable that comes in contact with corrosive fertilizer. The polyethylene hopper comes with stainless steel and an agitator that easily spread seeds without getting jammed.

When you stop the UTV, spreading will stop automatically due to the patent flow technology, and it will control the pattern of the spread and stop it. This spreader will help you to spread the different materials.

The directional spread pattern control will allow you to distribute seeds, fertilizer and any other materials evenly at the center. The calibration control has an easy-to-access locking disk for safe configuration of door speed.

Brinly provides hundreds of pre-calibrated configurations to help you get started and complete your work more accurately and efficiently. The top hopper cover is an easy elastic on/off feature to prevent dust and moisture inside.

Due to the universal hook, you can attach this spreader to any tractor that you have. The spread width of this spreader is 12 feet. This product will work perfectly; at all, you will no face any issue while spreading seeds.

Key Features:
  • You can use this spreader for multi-purposes such as seeds, salt and melt.
  • Directional spread pattern will distribute seeds evenly.
  • The universal attachment feature will allow you to attach this spreader to any tractor.
  • The high capacity hopper holds more materials.
  • Patented auto flow technology, when the tractor stop, spreading will also stop.
  • Easy calibration controlnGood protection to nylon gearboxnClear-top hopper covernEasy on/off nAttached to any tractor
  • Slightly poor design to the handlenSlightly tough assembly

4. Field Tuff Mount Spreader – Fertilizer Spreader

Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader, 80-Pound


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Field Tuff 
  • Model: AS-80ATV12 

Field tuff’s 12-volt ATV hitch-mount spreader is very powerful. It helps you spread seed, fertilizer, and other flowering plants easily. 12V DC motor, rated speed 570rpm, provides efficient and reliable products, and is sealed for better protection.

It is designed for hard work and will not be damaged. This seed dispenser can hold up to 80 lb. The 3.6m wide gearbox can effectively complete the work! Easy access from the driver’s seat.

People think it’s just for ATV, but you can easily mount this spreader with ATV, UTV, and other tractors. This spreader comes with a rain cover protection that will make the spreader long-lasting, even spreading the seeds while raining.

It has an on / off button and is easy to install. Easy to assemble. The valve is easy to operate and works well on a 2″ receiver. The agitator and spreader will work normally. The rear wing must be correctly positioned so as not to interfere with the spreading wheel.

You can operate it while driving the tractor. This spreader is also considered the best spreader for Polaris ranger. If you have a Polaris ranger, you can attach this spreader. Definitely, you will love its agitator feature.

It takes time to calibrate any broadcast correctly, but once you adjust the aperture to your liking, it is effortless to use.

Key Features:
  • Spread the seeds and other materials easily.
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Mounts on ATV, UTV, and other tractors.
  • Rain cover protection.
  • High capacity, holds up to 80 lbs.
  • 12 Volt DC motornEasy controlnAccess from the operator seatnControlling materials flownPretty easily assembles
  • Wire and cables are too shortnNot bind against the rotating spreadernA buyer complaint box is a damage but the product is amazing

5. Moultrie ATV Food Plot Spreader  – Best ATV Seed Spreader

Moultrie ATV Food Plot Spreader – Electronic Feed Gate


  • Product Price: $$
  • Brand: Moultrie 
  • Material: Plastic

The hopper of this spreader is durable, tapered, and has a maximum capacity of 100 lb. Most people love the handheld controller because it helps spread the seeds, fertilizer, and other materials in 6 different settings. We recommend going for your favorite setting as you usually used.

This spreader has an easy on/off feature and a quick built-in system for easy detachment. Moultrie has a universal mounting bracket, which is compatible with most ATV/UTV.

Moultrie has an electronic-gate. You can spread seeds, fertilizer, and other materials using this spreader in less time.

We have read the reviews of different buyers. They are saying this spreader is very expensive and not made of high-quality materials. So it may not last long.

First of all, we will recommend purchasing our top #1 recommended if you think it doesn’t meet your requirements, then you can go for the second recommended product.

One of the buyer feedback is here. When I arrived, the screws in the box were loose. This means that one is missing. So I took one from the hardware store and installed it. I’m still unsure if this happened at the factory or when FedEx threw it at my door. As for the planter, it works very well. I will order again!

Key Features:
  • Tapered plastic hopper with large capacity.
  • Handheld controller.
  • Regulates seeds with 6 different settings.
  • Larger deflection shield.
  • 12-volt motor.
  • Easy fittingnOn/off lidnBuilt-in release systemnUniversal mount bracketnEasy detachment
  • Low-quality materialsnThe electric gate doesn’t last long

Things To Considered Before Buying UTV Spreader With Agitator

Spreading Width

Do you have large properties and many fields? The spreader with a good spreader width will give you good result, and it will save time. If you go for a smaller width spreading it may not provide good results if we compare it to the larger spreading width.


First of all, ensure that the spreader has the agitator feature, once you know that the spreader has the agitator feature, check out its quality. We recommend going for a spreader with vibrating agitator because it will not block the materials and you will not face any problem while spreading seeds.


Do you have a larger area? If you want to cover a larger area we recommend to go for a spreader with a larger capacity. The larger capacity will hold 2 bags of 50 LB, so it will save your time when one bag materials are finished you can use the second bag materials.

Easy attachment

As you know, there are different model of UTV vehicle. Many people have old model UTV, so they complain that spreader doesn’t attach to our URV. This is why recommend going for a spreader that attaches with an old and new UTV vehicle model.

Heavy Duty

Ensure the spreader has a heavy-duty feature because you can easily spread all materials using heavy-duty spreaders. Even you want spreading seeds, fertilizer, granular, etc.

Related Questions

What is the best UTV fertilizer spreader?

You don’t need to spread seeds by hand because different best UTV spreaders will help you spread seeds easily. We have reviewed the top 5 best UTV seed spreader above, check it out and select anyone according to your needs.

What setting should my lawn spreader be on?

Open the spreader when you open it. For example, if the calibration range of the spreader is 1 to 20, set it to 15. Put 8 pounds of ground organic matter into the hopper of the spreader. This is about five packs or 8 pounds of mill silicone, which is equivalent to 24 cups.

How do you calculate fertilizer spreader?

The formula for calibrating a spreader is: [(Amount of fertilizer used per acre- times 1000)-divided by the length of the test strip]. Say your spreader makes a ten ft. wide strip and 50-foot long pattern.

Multiply ten by 50 to get 500ft. Then, add 1000 to it to reach 5700ft. Now you have 5700ft./500 ft. = 11.1. When you divide that number by the test strip length (50 ft.), your result will display if the calibration needs more adjustments or not.

Can I top dress with a spreader?

It’s a good idea to have a bag of topsoil on standby – that way, if you need, it’s easy and within your means to serve up something in the region of 50mm thickness, depending on whether you’re using very deep rooting plants or those with shallower root systems.

One thing worth bearing in mind is that if it takes too much money to buy the material, it might not be more cost-effective than just renting a machine, yet doing this depends on how often you plan to top-dress.

How Universal UTV/ATV Spreader Work?

Final Thoughts

That was all about UTV spreader with agitator, and I hope it’s now clear to you which one is best UTV spreader. You may now select the best one according to your needs.

Even you have UTV or any vehicle we recommend to for a spreader with agitator feature. The agitator feature will spread seeds evenly without getting materials blocked.

If you don’t have too much time to read the whole article you can for our top #1 recommended product initially.

We will recommend selecting any product on our top 4 recommended product. Number 5 one have some bad reviews. This is why don’t go for it.

Which one UTV spreader already you have used for your UTV vehicle? And how was your experience with that? Let us know in the comments section below it will help our readers.

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