What Do The Numbers Mean On A Scotts Spreader

Scotts Spreader

Are you looking for what the numbers mean on a Scotts spreader? Then no need to look further. You are at the right place.

You will know all the facts about what the numbers on a communication spreader mean. The Scotts broadcast spreader number represents the number of pounds of fertilizer placed over a 1000 sq ft.

The number of fertilizer spreaders is the setting that places the spreader for adequate distribution of fertilizer. The best ATV/UTV spreader with an agitator will spread the seeds evenly.

Fertilizing your lawn is easy and doesn’t require a doctorate in science. However, there are some things that you need to be wary of, or you will end up with a patchy and uneven lawn.

You first need to know what numbers on the fertilizer mean and how to adjust them. Once you know that, then you’re good to go.

What Do The Numbers Mean On A Scotts Spreader

Understanding the numbers is crucial, especially when it comes to fertilizers. Much like a baker determines how to apply frosting with amounts of leavening ingredients like baking soda. You will see the same types of measurements and data used for your garden’s soil fertility. 

For example, you’ll see the measurement known as Pounds per Acre (or PPA). This can be a good indicator of how much fertilizer should be used on any given soil type per acre.

The numbers usually represent the amount of fertilizer. It needs to be applied over specific square feet of land for fertilizer spreaders. Of course, spreader numbers differ with manufacturers and lengths: 5, 8 ½, or 15.

For proper lawn seeding with a Scotts spreader. Please set your device to 5 1/2 inches when overseeding and leave it at the 8 1/4 inch standard setting without any adjustments. 

If you’re using a handheld seeder, please make sure to use a 4-inch drill setting for both overseeding or new lawn seeding instances. You should always make two perpendicular passes when using a handheld broadcast spreader.

Recommendation By Expert:

You can go to the store and check a pack of compost to perceive what they suggest. Yet on the off chance that it was me. I would set it at around six or somewhere in the vicinity and begin strolling with it a couple of feet. 

At that point, look down and decide whether you have to turn it up or not. You could measure 15 seeds for every 1 square inch. either way is acceptable as long as you get an even spread!

What Settings Should My Spreader Be On

A fertilizer spreader is a virtual machine that spreads fertilizer on a lawn. Different fertilizers come with the recommended settings on a spreader, but you should always make sure to do your tests and calibration, as they don’t all spread in the same way.

Fertilizer bags usually contain guides on how much fertilizer you should use per 1000 sq. feet and the recommended settings for spreaders. The information in this section usually contains the specifications and features of various fertilizer bag spreader models.

But it can also create problems if the spreader settings aren’t correct. For instance, spreading more fertilizer than required may not be a significant concern initially.

But the excess fertilizer ending up in un-reached areas of your garden might end up being wasted time and money in the long run, especially when you have to clean it up.

How Do You Calculate Fertilizer Spreader

The formula to determine how many pounds of fertilizer to use is (“inches of fertilizer used- times 1000- divided by the length of the test strip”).

Let’s say you want your lawn to be 3 inches high when fertilized, and you have a machine that will make a 10-foot extended portion.

You need to divide the number of feet, or 50 feet, by 10 feet which would equal 5 pounds. But what if our lawn has no straight lines?

Let’s say it was a curvy 30-meter-wide section. We would multiply 30m times its length, equal to 900m or 0.090km. So now we have five multiplied by 90 over 10000, which equals 4500, meaning we would have to use about 4500 grams of fertilizer for that small 0.09 km2 test strip.

What number do I set my Scotts broadcast spreader to

Scott’s lawn care products can be used in various ways for various purposes, depending on your lawn care needs. You can change the settings on your Scotts spreader to accommodate things such as high fertilizer and large amounts.

To adjust the settings, turn the dial clockwise to reach a higher setting like 12 or 14.

What Scotts spreader setting to use if you have letters

In some models of the Scotts spreader instead of numbers, you will find letters. Depending on the model to model these letters convert to a certain number and represent pounds per sqft.

Pound (lb) per Sq ft
Green’s Grade
SGN 90-110
Spreader1 lb2 lb3 lb4 lb5 lb6 lb7lb
Scotts SR2000EGHJJLM
Scotts Accupro 2000 SR-2000DEFGHKM
Spreader Conversion Table – Pounds per Sqft (Green’s Grade SGN 90-110)

Scotts Spreader Settings Conversion Chart

Various fertilizer manufacturers and spreaders have published information on how you can convert their settings to the required pounds per sq ft. The conversion depends on the grading of the fertilizer or ingredient used, and the model of various spreaders. You will find three main categories:-

  • Green’s Grade
  • Mid Size Grade
  • Standard Grade

Here are two conversion charts that you can download and reference for your respective spreader and grade.

Final Thoughts

That was all about what the numbers mean on a Scotts spreader, and I hope now your confusion is clear about this query. In general, the settings should be used as a guide, you should calibrate after observing the output based as it can vary based on your equipment’s wear and tear, speed, terrain, and spacing.

Before setting, it’s necessary to purchase a high-quality seed spreader for spreading even seeds.

What numbers are you using on your Scotts spreader, and how was your experience? Let us know in the comments section below it 

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